At Beyond One, we know it takes a lot of work and dedication to make it in the music business – the fact is you would be hard-pressed to find a successful artist who disagrees. But long before an artist “makes it” in the music business decisions have to be made and a team is formed because sometimes one of the first things an artist will forget may be the most important, that this is a business. Yes it is an art form, but you have responsibilities to market and promote the music properly and you also need to eat, pay bills and maybe catch a movie now and then. In order to do that you need to make money. So who is in charge of making sure that your music is making money? The answer is simple - the leader of your team, your manager.
Tough question, when do I need a manager? The answer is just as tough, because there is no correct or typical answer. The idea of hiring a manager should start filtering into your thought process when you have decided to turn your passion into a career. At Beyond One we feel you should be thinking about hiring a Manager when handling appointments, gigs, press releases and all the business stuff gets in the way of your art.
Tougher question, who do I hire as my manager? The clear-cut answer is someone you can trust, after that it gets crazy. We could write books, and they have been written, about what to look for in a management team. Experience, would be the next qualification, and sure everyone for the most part can trust mom and dad - but do they have what it takes to deal with clubs, booking agents, PR, road managers, travel agents, photographers, large venues, producers, record labels, business managers, bus drivers, band members, roadies, fan clubs, street teams? The list goes on, although family will always play an integral part in your career, you need professionals that know the music business to take you to the next level and beyond.
At Beyond One Entertainment, we, as your management team will work with you and help you determine your long term and short term goals that will get you there. We then keep you on track, keep you focused because being an awesome artist comes with its distractions. We basically are you with a different talent, we want the same thing but we will help to clear all the obstacles and manage the business stuff, so that you can focus on making your art the best it can be.
At Beyond One Entertainment we have a saying that we use with our management family, “you create the art and we will hang it on the wall”.

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