Whether you are picked up by a record label or decide to go the route of the indie artist, certain elements need to be in place to promote your music and grow your career; it really happens no other way. We offer personalized consultation and management services to help you reach each of them along the way.
We offer an array of services to aide musicians at all levels. When it seems that you can't get past a certain point in your career, are about to release a new project, or if you are just starting out, we can help with independent artist development services and consultation. We offer a relaxed atmosphere where you are in control.
We will present you with a plan that you can work throughArtist Services at your own pace and in line with your budget. Essential elements include securing a radio promoter, digital marketing, press kits, technical riders, and contract documents, so you have the tools you need to succeed from the very beginning. Once you've got a solid plan for your career in place, then you'll have more time to grow and expand as a recording and/or performing artist.
Be sure to check out our Marketing and Promotions page for a list of items.
Marketing and Promotions

Marketing  Promotion

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