Craig Chaquico
"I’ve worked with Kim for several years and her attention to detail and positive outlook are what sets her company apart from other management and promotion companies....the way she coordinates and follows up on all the projects I've done with her is a true exception to the rule in this business ...she does what she says she will do and she makes sure everybody else in her camp does too, and everything is handled in an efficient and professional way ...when I'm on tour every second is valuable and accounted for, so whenever I work with Kim I know everything will get done in time on her end and w/out a lot of extra hassle on my end” ~ Craig Chaquico

Chieli Minucci
"I've known Kim Giles for years now, her dedication to the musicians and live shows makes her the BEST at her work!" ~ Chieli Minucci

Nick Colionne
"Kim Giles is one cool lady who really loves music. I'm happy to say she's in my corner and digs my music. I wish her nothing but success - with her drive and great ear for talent she'll be energizing the music scene for a long time to come." Congratulations, Kim - you're the best! Peace ~ Nick Colionne

Michael Lington
"I really enjoy working with Kim; she is very professional and pays attention to detail. The events that she is involved in, always become very successful. Looking forward to next time!" ~ Michael Lington

Drew Davidsen
“I want to tell you that the first and best investment we made was with Kim Giles of Beyond One Entertainment. She specializes in developing new and emerging jazz talent. She started by doing a global assessment and building a business plan. She helped us each step of the way to wisely and strategically spend our limited resources. Her fees are very reasonable and her passion to help is way beyond what you could buy at any price. She has many valuable connections and insights into the national jazz scene.” ~ Anita Dudek, Manager for Drew Davidsen

Al DeGregoris
"Kim Giles is an extremely knowledgeable manager/consultant who demonstrates an all encompassing knowhow in the music business. Kim spends countless hours educating herself and keeping up with the ever-changing landscape that is today’s music industry. She not only has the experience to know what has to be done, she has the skills to get it done, and get it done right. More than that, if you are lucky enough to work with Kim, you will find that she truly cares about the artists on her roster. Kim and her team at Beyond One Entertainment can help you achieve a truly professional, top level presentation for you music and guide you toward achieving your career goals." ~ Al DeGregoris, Keyboardist and Attorney at Law

Robert Harris
“One of the best investments I ever made was partnering up with Kim Giles at Beyond One Entertainment. Kim’s promotion and consulting services were right on the money, and very affordable. This is a must do for any new artist who is trying to build a career in the music industry. I have had several new doors open that were a direct result of Kim’s promotion and consulting program. Next month we are traveling to Miami to open for Kenny G. and Baby Face at this year’s Miami Jazz Festival… Thanks Kim” ~ Guitarist, Robert Harris

Alan Darcy
"Kim Giles Rocks! She is the consummate professional with years of experience in the Radio, Music and Entertainment industries. Her knowledge and passion for her work is evident, and shows up in all that she does. One of the best!" ~ Saxophonist, Alan Darcy

BOE knows how to get your name out there for you.
Event Marketing & Promotions

Event Marketing & Promotions

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